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Features of The Voting Vault

Types of Elections you can run on The Voting Vault:

Plurality voting, First-past-the-post, Relative/simple plurality, or Winner-takes-all: each voter can vote for a set number of candidate(s) in an office. The candidate who polls more than any other in that office is elected.

Approval voting each voter may select/approve any number of candidates. The winner is the most-approved candidate.

Cumulative voting, Weighted voting or Multi-voting is a multiple-winner cardinal voting method intended to promote more proportional representation than winner-take-all elections. Each voter is assigned a set amount of votes that they can assign to 1 candidate or split amongst more than 1.

Ranked voting the voter ranks choices in a sequence on the ordinal scale: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. There are multiple ways in which the rankings can be counted to determine which candidate (or candidates) is (or are) elected (and different methods may choose different winners from the same set of ballots).

Score voting or range voting is an electoral system for single-seat elections, in which voters give each candidate a score, the scores are added (or averaged), and the candidate with the highest total is elected.

Cast Your Vote from just about anywhere you have a signal via: Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, or even by mail via a Paper Ballots.
You can customize your ballot appearance to your members by randomizing the candidate order or responses to questions.
Personalize each election notice for every member whether you are sending emails and or text or SMS messages.
Add Candidate Statements, Biographies, and Candidate Photos to present your members with more options to get to know your candidates.
Setup your election so that only certain offices appear to different voting groups.
Allow more voting options to your members by allowing them to write-in the name of a candidate they wish to select if not already presented on your ballot. Check your organizational bylaws to make sure this option is allowable for your membership.
All voting is done in a secure cloud-based environment. Each member is assigned a unique 256 bit encrypted voting key. Once they login using their encrypted key, their identity is removed which then allows for complete anonymous voting.
All election results are presented to your election administration or members (you decide) in straight forward, easy to read reports, graphs and charts.