The Voting Vault Features

The Voting Vault

The Voting Vault Features

The Voting Vault a versatile voting platform, caters to all needs with optimized real-time voting and a user-friendly, flexible system.

Tailored to your specifications and as robust as required.

Key Attributes

The Voting Vault offers a comprehensive set of features designed for diverse voting needs across various organizations. Whether you prefer a
self-service approach or require full management for elections, we have the solutions you're looking for.

Multiple Ways to Vote
Voters can conveniently cast their votes from anywhere using their cellphone, computer, tablet, or mail, making the voting process easy and accessible with a user-friendly ballot.
Multiple Voting Systems
Plurality voting, cumulative voting, preferential ballot, scored voting, rating scale or approval voting.
Customizable Ballots
Our adaptable ballots make it easy to include candidates, questions, and motions, complete with lively descriptions and photos. You can also add documents or website links!
Personalized Notice
Connect with voters through email, mail, text messages, or your own website, e-newsletter, or systems by sending personalized election announcements to each voter.
Voter List Integration
Retrieve voter information from various sources like G-mail, Microsoft Excel, member management systems.
Candidate Profiles
Assist voters in making informed choices by providing candidate biographies, visions, campaign promises, and contact details. You can also upload a candidate photo and pdf file of resume or biographies.
Voting Subgroups
Tailor questions to specific voter groups. For instance, only specific voters can vote for their selected precinct, while everyone participates in the election for all other precinct.
Enable voters to propose new candidates — an excellent feature for decisions involving budget approvals or referendums.
Weighted Votes
Enable certain voters to possess more voting power than others—ideal for proxy votes, regional representation, or condominium decisions.
Voter List Management
Get instant notifications about bounced emails or email changes. Effortlessly track voters who have and haven't participated.
Voter Security
Generate secure, one-time personal voting keys with robust 256-bit encryption, similar to major banks. Enhance security with a security code.
Independent Verification
Neutral third-party accountants guarantee fairness and assist in resolving election challenges. Additionally, they enable voter and independent reviews, as well as recounts.
Automated Mailings
Mail postcards containing a QR code, or send candidate profiles, paper ballots, and return envelopes.
Easy Organization
Utilize "Duplicate vote" to store template votes. Organize votes to align with your agenda or archive past votes for easy retrieval of results when necessary.
Email Deliverability
DomainKeys and Sender Policy Framework guarantee that email notices reach every voter without being marked as spam.
Election Audit
Voter ballots and results are easily observed and audited to ensure accurate votes and prevent election fraud.
Reports and Graphs
See winners and results in clear summaries, pie charts, and bar graphs. Analyze the voter list and conduct voter audits effortlessly.
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