About Our Online Election System

The Voting Vault is about voting processes for member-based organizations. Our staff strives to simplify and secure elections and votes for voters, members and election administrators.

At The Voting Vault, we are forging the path towards a sustainable democracy of the future. We firmly believe that technology has the power to modernize democracy, making it more accessible for a broader audience.

Our mission is to ensure that every vote is accurately counted as it is cast.

We collaborate with both private companies and public organizations to enhance accessibility and engagement in democratic processes. Through our services, we enable the advantages of digital voting without compromising the fundamental principles of democracy, including voter secrecy, anonymity, transparency, and the indisputable ability to verify each vote.

Our Mission
Our Vision

At The Voting Vault, we are enthusiastic about leveraging technology's potential to revolutionize democratic processes. However, we firmly advocate for responsible technology adoption.

While we cater to election customers, our primary commitment lies in serving the voters and safeguarding their legitimate right to ensure their votes are accurately counted. Whether it's a small local election or a large-scale one, we believe that upholding this fundamental right through an impartial approach and providing irrefutable proof is a pivotal success factor.

Our vision extends beyond serving the election industry; we aim to instigate transformative change in society with our proven software solutions and services. Our solutions guarantee that only eligible voters can participate, ensuring their votes are securely received, stored, and counted with accuracy, integrity, unbreakable anonymity, and full auditability.

The Voting Vault is the result of frustrations running elections for student groups, associations and non profit organizations. We spent many hours tallying paper ballots and kludgy spreadsheets or scripts to tally and share results. We knew we could do better.

With our online election system and associated services, we strive to provide an election platform that allows both small volunteer groups and large associations to run a secure, democratic election at a reasonable price.

The Voting Vault is designed and developed by The Voting Vault Inc. We build simple elegant technology solutions to real world problems by listening to our customer needs. And we are always looking to improve our The Voting Vault online voting tool, so email us with comments and questions!