Union Voting Software

Easy voting equals engaged members

A simple solution for all kinds of elections

A comprehensive set of voting methods allow The Voting Vault to be used for more than just leadership votes — it can handle any decisions or surveys that must be put forth toward your membership for voting.

Engage all of your members

Email and SMS notice types and reminders, as well as remote and on site strategies for capturing votes, maximizes the convenience of voting and helps you increase turnout.

Allocate less monthly dues to administration

Monthly dues should go towards improvements for your members, not for expensive voting platforms. The Voting Vault allows you to put more of those dollars back into your members!

We Help All Unions

K12- Teacher/Staff Union K12- Teacher/Staff Union

Allow your students to learn a love of democracy within your classroom. Whether it’s for student presidential votes, prom king or queen, MVP award voting, or student feedback, The Voting Vault can handle it all.

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Fire/Police/Ambulance Union Fire/Police/Ambulance Union

Protecting the public is your number one priority. The Voting Vault ensures that your time is best spent on your important duties, while makiong voting on all your union business easy, quick to set-upm and ensures every member knows the results of every decision.

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Federal Government Union Federal Government Union

A nationally dispersed membership is one of the toughest to manage, and mailing can be quite expensive and time-consuming. The Voting Vault helps you ensure the success of your election by reaching all of your members via electronic methods, and saves you valuable dollars and hours.

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National Union National Union

Multiple voting methods to help you reach your members? Check. Election integrity? Check. Secure data storage? Check! The Voting Vault has the features and technology you need to meet your legislative requirements and engage your members, no matter where they are across the country.

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Union Local/District/Precinct Union Local/District/Precinct

Large membership or small, The Voting Vault makes it simple to vote on all the kinds of elections you run. Leadership votes, meeting votes, contract ratifications, collective bargaining feedback — The Voting Vault is your all-in-one voting solution.

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Other Union Other Unions

The Voting Vault meets all union requirements for musician unions, trade unions, venue unions, or any kind of organized labour. Flexible ballot types, multiple voting systems, and easy setup ensures that you get proper, reflective representation every time.

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