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Do it yourself, have The Voting Vault experts manage everything, or only some components - it's up to you! Along with our online voting system we offer support and services to ensure your election is excellent!

Do It Yourself

If you prefer to do it yourself, you, or a person you designate, will add the election details and schedule, design the ballot and the notices, and create the voter list. You pay for the election, launch the election and answer voter questions. You can have The Voting Vault automatically share results with your voters. If you need setup help, user our knowledge base or ask question and receive answer on via email.

Investigate the Do It Yourself option by signing up and creating a free test election.

Dedicated Setup Assitance

Dedicated Setup Assistance

If you'd like us to do it for you - an The Voting Vault Expert Consultant can complete your election setup. All you have to do is provide us the election details and voter list, and the election is created for you. The setup is reviewed by you in an online meeting to ensure it meets your needs. If you have questions or issues, you can always phone your The Voting Vault Expert. You answer voter questions with phone support from your expert. Your Expert works with you to share voting results based on your electoral requirements.

Fully Managed Elections

Our fully managed online election voting system is the ultimate election integrity and independence as it removes the potential for any perceived conflict of interest. In addition to the Dedicated Setup Assistance from The Voting Vault Expert Consultants, The Voting Vault staff manage your voter list and interact directly with your voters during the election. Any voter questions are answered after consultation with you while ensuring voter anonymity is maintained. We also certify and deliver voting results to you, and, if needed, directly to your voters.

Fully Managed Elections
Onsite Scrutineering

Onsite Scrutineering

If you are running an Annual General Meeting or special meeting where your members need to vote, The Voting Vault's expert consultants can provide oversight and assistance to ensure your vote is smooth and certifiable. Using the The Voting Vault voting platform, you can have our staff create motions, review voting, provide expert advice and assistance to ensure that your voting process is observable, verifiable and certified.