Voting Software for All Organizations

The Voting Vault ensures enjoyable elections for everyone

Integrity is integral to the process of voting online

The Voting Vault ha been carefully crafted to ensure that online election integrity is safeguarded to every step. This is good for both you and your voters - they can trust you, and can trust The Voting Vault.

Seriously simple voting Software

Whether it's your first time on your tenth time using The Voting Vault, it was meant to be usable without needing training. From setup to voting, both you and your voters will breeze through the process.

Vote online on anything you want

A highly extensive list of voting methods, combined with multiple ballot options and different setting configurations meants that The Voting Vault can be used to vote on anything and everything.

Bring your elections into the 21st century with online voting

Everyone has a cellphone nowadays, and The Voting Vault turns your voters' cellphones into voting machines. Then can receive text message notices to vote and can vote on their phone's web browser.

We Help All Other Organizations

Professional Associations Sports Teams/Leagues

The Voting Vault can be your voting MVP with easy board voting, player voting, representative selection, and award voting. Ballots are customizable for every voting need. Best of all, the whole process starts at just pennies per player.

How to Get Started

Athletic or Recreational Facilities Athletic or Recreational Facilities

Whether your members are part of a golf club, yacht club, athletic club, or any sport or social club, The Voting Vault can help your members vote on policy, executives, budgets or referendums, or facility upgrades.

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Cooperative Cooperative

Your co-op is designed to benefits all your members, so why now use a voting process that easily engages your membership on key decisions? The Voting Vault ensures that your leadership, policies, budgets, and strategic directions are voted on in a fair and integral manner.

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Chamber of Commerce Chamber of Commerce

Business is the lifeblood of what you do. Ensure your business members are engaged in your organizational direction by offering leadership elections, policy voting, and polling. The Voting Vault is easy to set up and simple to use, with results available in an instant.

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Church or Religious Group Church or Religious Group

Your congregation or membership is guided by a higher purpose. Your voting process should reflect the integrity of your group, and it can when using The Voting Vault for your leadership votes, policy referendums, or opinion polls.

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Credit Unions Credit Unions

Your member are your business; let your voting platform reflect the excellence of your team. The Voting Vault ensures voting integrity during annual general meetings, and remote voting for leadership elections, policy referendums, or any kind of vote that your credit union requires.

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Company or PartnershipCompany or Partnership

Ensure that your leaders and motions reflect the integrity and success of your organization with The Voting Vault. Whether it is in-person AGM voting or remote voting , your shareholders or partnets can vote easily and anonymously.

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Other (Group or Personal Use) Other (Group or Personal Use)

From book clubs to family reunions and more, The Voting Vault can be used for any voting that you need to do. You don't have to be an election pro - you don't even need to have run an election before! The simple setup will have you looking like you do this all the time.

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