Not-for-Profit Election Voting

Your The Voting Vault election will be as great as your group

Don’t let “I didn’t get the message” be an excuse

Multi-channel notices through email, mail, and text message reaches voters the way they want to be reached. Email and text message reminders ensure that voting is top-of-mind for your members.

Integrity every step of the way

The specific elections that an Association runs can differ depending on the Association, but The Voting Vault extensive selection of ballot types and flexible ballot configuration mean that it can handle any type of election.

Election success is easy with The Voting Vault

Run an election right the first time with The Voting Vault’s simple software design and logical processes, allowing you to put more of those hard-earned dollars toward your cause.

Engage your membership

Members want a say on policy direction, strategic issues, and even potential new members. With ballot features designed for collecting feedback and annual plans, member engagement is a breeze!

We Help All Not-for-Profits, NGOs, Societies, Charities and Clubs


Whether your mandate is humanitarian, educational, health care, public policy, social, human rights, or environmental, The Voting Vault helps you elect the right representatives, and ensures that your members can vote on policies, strategy, or everything that makes you successful.

How to Get Started

Service Organization or Volunteer Group Service Oraganization or Volunteer Group

Give your members more time to do their good work by spending less time on voting on executives, board positions, or budgets. The Voting Vault makes voting easy, while ensuring election integrity at an affordable price.

How to Get Started

Real Estate Board Real Estate Board

Real Estate Board The Voting Vault mobile voting is a big hit with real estate professionals who are always on the phone and on the move. Members can conveniently vote on executive officers, elect board members, approve budgets, and engage members, no matter their busy schedule.

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Music Art Drama Group Music/Arts/Drama Group

Elections can be music to your ears, or premiumly scripted with The Voting Vault. Whether you are voting on best play, the next concerto or your leadership, your votes will be simple to set up, straightforward for members to vote in, and remotely managed, so that your group can focus on creating their next great art!

How to Get Started

Animal Group Animal Group

Pets and animals enrich the lives of people. Ensure that the people that represent your passions accurately reflect your mandate by offering a democratic voting process for your board. The Voting Vault is fast and reasonably priced to keep your administration easy and costs low.

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Sport Group Sport Group

The Voting Vault is the MVP of election process. Whether you are selecting award winners, coaches or league representatives, you can quickly and conveniently vote on every group initiative, at less than the cost of a single hot dog lunch!

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Athletic Club Golf Club Athlectic Club/Golf Club

Whether it is the yacht club executive, recreational facility board, golf course annual budget, or any club vote, The Voting Vault is designed to ensure that your members can vote easily and conveniently when and where they want.

How to Get Started

Youth Group Youth Group

Scouts, Girl Guides, or any parent group needs fair, responsible leadership to guide the leaders of tomorrow. The Voting Vault can help your parents vote on budgets, group initiatives, and your board leadership easily and in a cost-effective manner.

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Other Non Profit Other Non Profit

Your organization is out doing good works to better our planet. Why not have an election for your board, a budget approval or poll that reflects your commitment to excellence? The Voting Vault offers voting integrity, ease of use and ballot flexibility, all at a reasonable price

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