K-12 School Voting System

Voting so easy that a six year-old can do it

Somethis for students to be excited about

Build Excitement for your students by allowing them to campaign and create candidate profiles - The Voting Vault ballots can display the student's photo, as well as candidate statement.

A simple solution for any election

A comprehensive set of voting methods allow The Voting Vote to be used for a wide variety of purposes. It is just as easy to collect feedback or hand out awards as it is to run a student council election!

A voting platform for students of all ages

Regardsless of whether your students have email addresses or not, The Voting Vault has a notice type that will allow you to inform them about the election and allow them to vote.

The Voting Vault believes in education

Educating students about the democratic process is an essential first step to increasing participation in government elections in adulthood. To thank you for your efforts, we offer special pricing for K-12 student elections.

We Help All K-12 Schools

Student Government Student Government

Allow your students to learn a love of democracy within your classroom. Whether it’s for student presidential votes, prom king or queen, MVP award voting, or student feedback, The Voting Vault can handle it all.

How to Get Started

School Staff or School Boards School Staff or School Boards

The Voting Vault gets an A+ for voting on school initiatives, meeting motions, referendums, school policy, or anything else related to your school. It’s easy to send notices and electronically vote, and results are immediately tallied.

How to Get Started

Teacher or Staff Unions Teacher or Staff Unions

For all your collective bargaining and executive votes, budget approvals and meeting voting, The Voting Vault makes the grade. Spend time teaching and planning, not voting.

How to Get Started

Parent Council/PTA/PTO Parent Council/PTA/PTO

Parents are critical to a child’s success at school, and involved parents equal student achievement. Vote on programs, board positions, and budgets to ensure that your parent group is 100% successful.

How to Get Started

Other School Groups Other School Groups

Whether its an after-school care group, teacher association, student group, or anything to do with schools, The Voting Vault is flexible to allow you to set up and manage an election for every kind of school voting.

How to Get Started