Homeowners' Associations Online Voting

Reaching quorum has never been easier

Achieve quorum in less time, with less effort

Multiple notice types, electronic reminders, and remote and on-site strategies for capturing votes ensures that you get the best turnout you can, making the most of your online election efforts.

A voting platform for all kinds of homeowners

Whether your homeowners prefer paper or electronic technology, The Voting Vault has a ballot that works for them — and it’s all in a convenient electronic solution that works for you.

Homeowners vote when and how they want

An optimized mobile voting experience allows homeowners to vote on the device they prefer if voting remotely, and can vote at any point when the voting period is open.

Election security and integrity is paramount

Your homeowners want to know that their information is protected and that their voting choices are anonymous. The Voting Vault's HOA voting software delivers this, no matter the size or scope of your election.

We Help All Homeowners' Associations

Community Managers Community Managers

Community Managers Annual elections for the people that you are servicing don’t have to be difficult. Use the The Voting Vault team to deliver election excellence to your board, without requiring the precious time you require to focus what you do the rest of your seemingly endless tasks.

How to Get Started

HOA Boards HOA Boards

HOA Boards You’re passionate about your homeowner’s association, and we want to see your board be the best it can be. From simple setup to easy election management, The Voting Vault's HOA online voting system can make your election a success — even if it’s your first time running an election.

How to Get Started

Condominium Boards Condominium Boards

It doesn’t matter if your building is big or small, short or tall, The Voting Vault handles all your voting needs. It’s easy to ensure every property owner gets the proper number of votes using weighted voting. The rest of setup, voting, and results sharing is just as easy!

How to Get Started

Strata Council Strata Council

Strata Council To ensure your decisions reflect the will of Strata Corporation members, use The Voting Vault to elect your council, approve budgets and gather feedback. Owners get the right number of votes with weighted voting. Notice sharing is easy, and it’s simple to vote at a meeting or at home.

How to Get Started

Building Co-Operative Building Co-Operative

Whether it’s buying decisions, vendor selection, budgets, tenant selection, or building representatives, The Voting Vault is an all-in-one tool that allows all kinds of votes for your owners. Voting ensures decisions are made co-operatively, and mirror the will of the majority of owners.

How to Get Started