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When the public is watching, it has to be excellent

Fully auditable results

The Voting Vault creates a trail of every change you make to your live election, so that way you can be transparent with voters, and they can feel comfortable putting their trust in you.

Uncompromising election integrity

The Voting Vault is designed to keep election integrity as the utmost goal. Voters can even anonymously verify their own votes to ensure that they haven't been tempered with.

Add your Party's branding

Politics are all about visibility and promotion. Add your logo to the ballot, and customizes your notices and ballots with language that represents your party and what you stand for.

Educated voters make better voting decisions

In addition to promoting your party, promote your candidates on the ballot. Include a photo of each candidate and a detailed candidate statement/biography, and link to your candidate's websites.

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We Help All Government and Political Parties

National Political Party National Political Party

The Voting Vault is the powerful, secure, anonymous voting software you need to prevent internal and external influences from scandalizing your election. Ensure that you focus on your mandate and your candidates with an easy to use election process that reachess all your members.

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State or Provincial Polical Partys State or Provincial Polical Partys

Electing candidates and defining policy is your key to success. The Voting Vault ensures member engagement by allowing multiple voting methods with a simple voting process.

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Municipal Government Municipal Government

External verifiable polls and public opinion feedback is a snapp with The Voting Vault. Have your constituents vote on policy, knowing that your vote has integrity and is auditible and verifiable.

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County Government County Government

Turnout is challenging when your membership is despersed with spotty internet access. Voters can be reached using email or text message, and can vote electronically or using paper ballots. The voting process is easy to follow, whether you're 18 or 80!

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Other Government Other Government

From regional votes, to candidate elections and referendum voting, to public opinion polling, The Voting Vault is your all-in-one voting solution. Voters can vote easily, and votes are auditable and verifiable with multiple voting systems and ballots types.

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